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What is YANO SHOT?

Yano Shot

Experience the marvelous feeling of floating and gliding that will have you asking yourself, “Am I really flying?” A feeling of floating in the soft skies and the sensation of gliding through the air.

From his childhood aspirations towards the skies, Tateo Yano developed this technique with the thought of wanting to fly freely like Peter Pan. Not bound to just the place or object, it’s the sky itself, coming together with the winds of a once in a lifetime encounter and making it into an image. An image that enables one to actually live the dream of flying in the sky, a dream that everyone has had once. This is “Yano Shot.”

Features of the “Yano Shot”

1. High quality images from “ultra low-altitude” flight.

2. Free flight through confined areas.

3. A smooth image free of vibration and undesirable shaking.

4. A high quality image reaching the limits of human vision through the use of HD Cameras.

His command of these series of maneuvers, along with inventing “ultra low-altitude” aerial filming; the ability to make an on the spot image with a sense of immersion into a reality, makes him the leading authority.